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Saiyan Showdown Booster Box - Saiyan Showdown (DBS-B15)

Saiyan Showdown Booster Box - Saiyan Showdown (DBS-B15)

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The strongest Saiyans battle for victory in the Dragon Ball Super: Unison Warrior Series 6 set. Hero Saiyans like Son Goku, Son Gohan, and Son Goten take on villain Saiyans like Vegeta, Broly, and Turles! Returning characters get new Leader Cards, former archetypes get buffed, and more! Xeno Shadow Dragons are completed and Omega Shenron: Xeno makes their debut! Look for a random SR/SPR box topper in every booster box. To commemorate the 4th anniversary of the Dragon Ball Super card game, look for 4 SCR cards! The set includes 292 cards - 60 commons (normal/holo versions), 38 uncommons (normal/holo), 30 rares (normal/holo), 23 super rares, 9 special rares, and 4 secret rares.

Includes box topper!

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