About Us


Hello, my name is Stephen and I am a husband and proud father to two amazing boys. This business formed after years of collecting and playing TCGs with friends and family. As a 10 year old I learned to play Pokemon TCG and eventually Magic the Gathering, but unfortunately sports and high school got in the way of continuing and I stopped playing around 2003. I didn't pick these games up again until 2020, when most people were confined to their houses due to the pandemic. That in part with a cancer diagnosis in 2019, Pokemon and Magic gave me something to do with my family and brought me some joy and fun when things in life were not so fun. It has become a passion of mine and I started this store to grow and share my passion, and allow others to access these hobbies at affordable prices. As I store, I need to make money to survive but I will never take advantage of customers. You will find that my prices are almost always lower than the big competitor websites, especially on singles. I hope to become a household name for players looking to add singles to their decks or the families cracking some packs together. Please do not hesitate to email me at schamplin@spiderstevetcg.com if you have any issues or concerns.